Hello you guys, my name is Victor Cruz and I am a up coming senior at Silver Creek high school in San Jose California. I want to tell you who I am and what I do in my daily life but I won’t tell you guys everything. I am a type of person who cares about my friends a lot and I worry a lot about them. I’m sometimes called a teddy bear to most of my friends. I would always be there for anyone who would go through hard times in life and would try to comfort them as much as possible. In my daily life, I still have the habit of being lazy at times. I would stay in bed but when I go out, I would go out with friends with long bike rides or go with my family to the park. Some of my biggest fears are heights. One more thing, you guys don’t have to call me by my name. Some nicknames i would listen to is Vic, Tito, and Fluffy lol.