Hi everyone! I’m Emily Cardenas–I’m from California, and live in the Bay Area. I go to Summit Preparatory Charter High School–I know it’s a mouthful–and I’m super excited to travel with you guys! This will be my first experience traveling outside of the country, and I’m ecstatic–and kinda nervous–to explore!

I love reading and writing. I spend most of my time either reading or writing because it helps me “recharge” after a long day of socializing and working. I also enjoy community building activities because it helps me gain perspective of certain situations or lifestyles. I love to talk about almost anything, and I’m always open to listen to your thoughts.

 If I could be an animal I would probably be a cat. Don’t get me wrong, dogs are amazing–I have three, I should know–but my personality sways more on the cat side than dog; I’m a very independent person who enjoys company of others, but just like a cat, I need to be in solitude sometimes.

 The most exciting thing about traveling to Esteli is that I will be experiencing a journey–without my parents–that will help me find the path of maturity and purpose that I’ve been striving for during my high school years. I feel like if I explore and grow in a environment filled with numerous perspectives, I will be able to take a step forward in knowing myself and appreciating who I am as a person.