Hi Guys!

My name is Grace Ahuja and I also live in San Ramon. Actually Persis,
Aditi, Alysia and I go to the same school (YEAH DOUGHERTY WHOO). Me in
a nutshell?: I’m the oldest of three kids, I tell terrible, cheesy
jokes, I’m a feminist, I enjoy reading the Sunday comics in the
newspaper with my dad, I love all things Disney and I may be slightly
insane but then again, who isn’t?

I think the most accurate description of me would be the word
bibliophile. I love books and literature in general actually and I
spend a lot of my time reading books, obviously. I have a giant
library that covers a whole wall of my room. I have actually written 3
of my own books and I am an official editor for a website called
Wattpad where people can post novels they’ve written and I really love

Also, I am a HUGE foodie so you can usually find me out and about
exploring and eating (usually with a book in my hand). I also dance
competitively and have been for pretty much my whole life, but I still
struggle to touch my toes sometimes, it’s funny how that works. Music
is my entire life like most other teens except I’ve been a
percussionist in band since the 4th grade so my favorite music
actually isn’t something you’d hear on the radio, though I will admit
that I worship Beyonce religiously. (No shame)

If I was an animal I think I’d be a turtle because turtles are cool
and I think Squirt from Finding Nemo and I would get along swimmingly.
Get it? Swimmingly? Because turtles live in the ocean? HAHAHAHAH
please laugh.

The most exciting thing for me on this trip would be the independence
and the food. I’ve always been a daddy’s girl so it’s gonna be weird
being away from my family for so long but I am excited to have some
time for myself and really figure out who I am on my own. Also, (as I
mentioned before) I love food and I am so pumped to try all the
amazing foods in Nicaragua. I know they’re good because I researched
them. Yes I spent a good three hours looking at pictures of food via
the inter-webs, shocker. I also really love the Spanish language and
culture and I have been taking it at school for almost 6 years now so
it’s going to be exciting to actually be able to use my spanish in a
place that isn’t a restaurant.

And here is a picture of me with a moose I found in Disneyworld because why not.

Attached is a picture of me eating gelato in Rome because why not.

I’m really excited to get to know all of you!! Lets make some
memories, #NORAGRETS. (Anyone get the reference?)

See you in a few weeks!

– A slightly erratic teenager just trying to find her way in the world,
Grace 🙂