Hi Everyone!
My name is Kristi Yanagihara and I go to James Logan High School in Union City. I only have one older brother making me the youngest in my family (“the baby”). But I’m finally 16/a junior in high school, and I’m ready to put myself out there and travel the world. I am a part of the Color Guard program here at Logan where we travel around the bay area and compete against other high schools. In the spring we even travel to Dayton, Ohio to compete against high schools from all over the world! Haha sad to say but color guard actually makes up a majority of my extracurricular activities as we usually have practice 4 days a week lasting anywhere from 3-9 hours. Regardless of the long hours I do consider myself very proud to be in color guard as it is a great experience in general, even my older brother is in color guard and he’s 21 and currently traveling around the U.S right now competing in the Blue Devils Drum corps (lol you could say my family is very guard-y)
My other hobbies include dancing(kinda comes with being in guard), cooking, boba (probably have it 5 times a week) and reading. I’m very big on reading and mainly like fictional books. I go through them like crazy. If I’m really interested in a book I can probably finish it in less than a day unless I physically tell myself to wait. I know it’s bad but I watch tv religiously. Some of my favorite shows include The Fosters, Jane The Virgin, The 100, Reign, How I Met Your Mother, The Originals, Vampire Diaries, Forever, and Once Upon A Time. If any of you love any of those shows as I do, I could literally spend hours with you talking about them.
Some random information: I’m Japanese/ Filipino, 5”3, and mainly introverted. (We took a personality test as part of our life skills curriculum and I’m INFP personality type) I’m also a very nervous public speaker and I’m always told that I talk super fast but maybe that’s cause I’m always caffeinated. My day practically revolves around coffee.
If I were an animal I’d probably be a squirrel. Whenever I’m driving with my friends or family I always see squirrels running onto the road at the worst possible time, which I always seem to do. Honestly, I’m absolutely horrible with crossing roads.
The most exciting thing for me on this trip would be to meet new people and travel out of the U.S without my parents for the first time. I’m kinda nervous as I’m the only one from James Logan going in this group but I can’t wait to meet you guys in less than 24 hours!