Hey all! My name is RooAnne, but people butcher my name (honestly I don’t get how???), so I just go by Roo. My friends and some others usually identify me in a crowd or in the hallways by my black beanie that I wear pretty much every single day. Like three other people on this trip, I go to Irvington High School in Fremont. I’m super pumped to see you guys soon!

I dig photography, and I’m hoping to take a ton of photographs on this trip! (and I mean that in the least-creepy way possible). I’m really into art, and I spend a lot of my time doodling dumb things or doing stagecraft stuff, which is basically all the behind-the-scenes work for plays and musicals. Just recently my school put out a production of Into the Woods and personally I think it was pretty rad!  Usually I can’t keep up with weekly television shows, but I’m prone to binge-watching, especially on Netflix. Right now I’m watching Parks and Recreation and a few other K-dramas haha. Honestly I’m quite the introvert, so I like spending time on my own. But I’m down to talk to pretty much anyone! I’m excited to get a bunch of book, movie, and music recommendations!

If I was an animal I’d probably be a blobfish. Have you guys seen them? Go google them if you have the chance.They’re crazy weird. Looking at them, I feel like they embody my soul and personality accurately.

The most exciting thing about travelling to Nicaragua would totally be all the stories I’m bound to hear! I can’t wait to hear everyone’s crazy tales or exaggerated retelling of their latest adventure. I feel that culture of Esteli and the city itself has an awesome story just waiting to be discovered.

I gave up on looking for a decent picture of me, since I’m usually on the other side of the camera. So, attached is a super-edited selfie of me and my friends after we were all forced to participate in a mandatory make-up lesson in stagecraft (please don’t judge my friends. I think they look beautiful LOL.) I’m the only girl in the photo, and I also forget how to smile or make a decent face when it comes to taking selfies, oops.

I’ll see you guys later!!