Hi All!

My name is Spencer Chau and currently attend Mission San Jose High School in Fremont in the East Bay. This is the first year that MSJHS is partnering up with Global Glimpse so I’ll be the guinea pig for the GG program at my school.

I’m super stoked to be spending time with you all at Nicaragua this summer! Although I’ve traveled to a few countries, this will be my first time visiting a South American country and I’m incredibly anxious to be immersed in Nicaraguan culture. I’m a big foodie and can’t wait to eat my way through my Yelp Bookmarks page (Aye fellow foodies let’s grub out sometime). On top of food, another subject that I’m passionate about is history, especially the history of my parents and ancestors. My mother was a refugee of the Vietnam War and my father is a Cambodian Genocide survivor. Learning and appreciating history, I believe, is an integral part in gaining insight for the future and preventing the wrongs of the past. In my spare time I find myself spending quality time with quality friends and family, and enjoy taking time to cook food, watch TV shows (Grey’s Anatomy and Arrow to name a few), and run.

If I were an animal, I would be a pug.

The most exciting thing I am looking forward to from the trip to Esteli is what I’ll get out of the experience. Not sure what it will be yet, but that’s what’s exhilarating!