Hello! I am Cynthia, a junior at Lowell High School. Here are some things you might want to know about me: I’m a Christian and have been for about 5 years now. I am a middle child in a family of 5. My dad, mom, older sister, Miranda, and younger brother, Chris, are amazing people and are some of my greatest role models. I love adventure, singing, outdoor activities, and reading. I don’t like swimming (simply because I can’t and there is a high likelihood that I will drown), weird smelling fruits (don’t get me started on durian), and spiders (that’s a pretty obvious one).

I am very excited for Global Glimpse because of the great experiences I have heard from multiple classmates. Many tell me about how the trip really changed their lives and how it provides insight into ideas and perspectives that they had never discovered before. Also, I am excited to meet new people and develop my leadership skills.

Speaking of leadership, I am currently a PROP Leader. I work on educating and taking action on issues affecting the school. I have aided in events promoting stress reduction, gentrification, and cultural sensitivity. I also am a Peer Mentor which helps incoming freshmen adjust to life at Lowell. Lastly, I serve as a CSF Tutor, where I tutor underclassmen in topics such as English, Chemistry, Biology, or Geometry. I love tutoring because it gets me excited when my tutee finally understands something that they originally had trouble with.

I am excited for the lessons Global Glimpse will teach me and nervous for being alone. All in all, I hope this trip will be educational, eye-opening, and exciting!

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