Hello my name is Tiffany Phan! I am from San Jose and I go to Independence High School! I like to do anything that is creative and is mostly known for doing visual arts! I love to paint with acyclic, watercolors, and I also use color pencils. Besides that, I love to make new friends and talk to different people, this happens everyday at the hospital which I also volunteer at as an ambassador! If I were to be an animal, I would choose to be an exotic fish because we haven’t discovered most of what is in the sea, and it would be cool if I knew the ocean secrets. I don’t know how to swim but I that is why I rather just be a fish and be able to breathe in water. I’m mostly excited to interact with different people since I am the only one in my school going on this trip to Esteli on this specific date, it’s kind of scary to go without anyone I know but I’m sure I will soon feel comfortable around those who are on this trip!