On the afternoon of June 11th, you should have received an email from [email protected] with a link to a brief survey from us. Please complete this by July 1st. Also, if you’d like to post an introduction below to other Glimpsers and their families, comment below this post!

Be sure to bookmark and share this blog page with your family and friends before our trip as this is where we will post our daily updates and photos!

Also, note that Kristen or I will be reaching out to talk with you and your guardian at least one to two weeks before our trip to ensure you know where to meet us at the airport, have all your needed items, and remind you of the greatness in you as we take this journey together. Happy connecting with one another, and we are sending BIG LOVE on all your summer plans with family, friends, camp, work, chill time, or anything else you are leading and loving!

-Chris and Kristen