Hey, Glimpsers and Families! It is T-MINUS 14 days until we depart for Ecuador! Are you ready?

I know I am! My name is Hannah Gradowski, and I am one of your Global Glimpse Leaders (GGLs).  I am SO excited about this trip, especially because this is actually my first trip with Global Glimpse! However, it is not my first trip out of the country.  Just like you, I traveled outside of the country when I was 17 years old and studied abroad in Chongqing, China for two weeks.  It was my first time on an airplane, first time in a new country, and my first time away from home! I remember being so nervous about all of the changes, but within 14 days, the trip transformed my life.  Aside from meeting some of the best people on the other side of the world, traveling to China actually inspired my college degree and my current job as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher!  I then went on to study abroad again in South Korea as a junior in college and completed a Global Collaborative Summer Program with the United Nations! This being said, sometimes the most new and ‘nerve-wracking’ experiences can be the most rewarding opportunities of our life! 

Aside from traveling internationally, I love arts & crafts, reading, writing, gardening, puzzles, hanging out with my cat, and listening to all kinds of music (mostly K-POP). I also have only been a California resident for about 10 months! In July of 2021, I drove all the way from the state of Michigan to my new home in San Leandro, CA to become an English teacher.  Now, a year later, I will wrap up my first-year of teaching and will be attending San Francisco State University (SFSU) in the fall to begin my master’s program.  This past year of my life has been an adventure, and now I am so excited to be part of your upcoming adventure in Ecuador! 

I know there will be many emotions that you will feel, and it may be your first time away from home, but know that Kim (your other GGL) and I will make sure you have a comfortable, safe, and FUN time.  You have many supporters and we will be using this blog to show your family, friends and schools the global citizen you are becoming! It will be like writing your own story – so be creative, compassionate and bold as you seek adventure, knowledge, and inspiration.  You are the authors of your own story in Ecuador – what will your story be?

2 weeks until our BIG adventure – we’ll see you soon! 

Big Love,

Hannah Gradowski (RB1A-Bay Global Glimpse Leader)

Hannah Gradowski having fun at the Golden Gate Bridge.