IMG_2792 IMG_2865 IMG_2876 IMG_2883 IMG_2898 Hello everyone for our second day here in Esteli. So, were able to have wonderful culture day experiences on culture day. To begin the day we did an amazing hike to this beautiful lookout called Don Luis Mirador. I think that Glimpsers were able to experience how beautiful Nicaragua land is on this hike.

Then, we took another hike to an area called Jalacate. Where we met Alberto, aka Santa Claus. He gave us an inspiring tour of his land and carved artifact stone sculptures he has created dating back 37 years and the Nicaraguan revolution. He was able to share his art visually and threw the spoken word of poetry. Uniquely with every poem he recites he shares the Nicaraguan national anthem, also. It was wonderful to enjoy how he expressed his soul on many levels for all of us.

Finally, students were able to create their own art at Casa Cultura through visual art and dancing. Glimpsers created cards using a technique called TUSA. Which uses dyed corn husks glued on to any form of canvas. All the Glimpsers were able to share their imaginations with each other as they created. The experience allowed them to not only express themselves visually, but bond in a relaxing creative environment. And, our day of activities ended with us learning how to do many forms of Nicaraguan dances. Our teacher brought dresses for girls and hats for boys to wear. This activity challenged many of our Glimpsers at first, but once they were warmed up they were having fun. Their efforts were admirable and wonderful to be a part of.

It’s only the beginning of this remarkable experience and we are soo fortunate for all the fun and growing we are having!