Daily life in the Dominican Republic is a rich tapestry woven from myriad threads including vibrant traditions in the areas of music, dance, religion, and language.

Today on our “Día de la Cultura”, Global Glimpsers visiting San Juan de la Maguana had the opportunity to learn about the area’s beloved traditions in all of these areas as well as share their own talents in the classroom as they dove into their first day of English tutoring at El Liceo, the local high school.

After a healthy breakfast, Glimpsers spent their morning enjoying a high-energy dance lesson led by local luminary Chailyn Cabrera who guided them as they courageously hit the dance floor to master the basics of merengue and bachata.

Following a well-earned lunch and rest, Glimpsers spent the first part of their afternoon with Angel Jacob Bobadilla, who visited to discuss the truly unique belief systems and practices of Santeria, a religious tradition which arose when indigenous belief systems were synthesized with the Catholic doctrine which arrived along with Spanish colonization.

Last – but most certainly not least – today we saw our Glimpsers stride into their first day of English tutoring and instruction at El Liceo, the local high school in San Juan.  Tasked with teaching a wide range of students from true beginners to advanced speakers while working with very limited resources, they embraced the (admittedly daunting) challenge with courage and style.  We were truly impressed to see them emerge from their first day in the classroom beaming, both with pride and with enthusiasm for the new connections they have made to the students they will be tutoring throughout their stay here in San Juan.

We could not be more proud of how they showed up today and are looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings!