Hello everyone! My name Christine Venturina and I am an upcoming Senior at Bronx Collegiate Academy in Bronx, New York City. Today I am El Leader Del Dia. Just days before becoming the leader of the day, I was actually sick with really bad stomach problems and whats even worst were that later on I had the flu which sucked. I was nervous I was unable to lead the group. However, I was lucky to recover quickly thanks to our wonderful and caring Trip Leaders.

Today was CAP Execution Day parte dos! The questions of the day were “Was this project effective? And “What do you think it will look like next summer? In 5 five?” The quote of the day was “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better its not” by The Lorax. I think the questions and quote will really help us have more faith into our decision and make us think deeply into our project. Also I thought it helped us realized how determined we are and with that determination we can create an impact. So wake up call was the same as yesterday, 6:45 AM and I never thought that waking up people would be so hard. Then breakfast at Quiero Mas and straight after breakfast we went to Los Ositos. We all went directly to work, and I just saw everyone determine to finish the job with of course great effort. It was amazing how much we accomplished yesterday that for sure we would get a lot done and finish early.

People from each committee were very helpful with one another, I went to help build chairs, while the people who were in the playground committee spread out to help build the chairs and paint the murals. We all worked like how a group should always do with great energy, patience and team work. After hours of painting, drilling and hammering we had completed our project and everything looked even better than what I had thought it would be and what was even better was that the kids looked extremely happy and actually played in playground that others had built. It is a great feeling that with all the hard thinking and work that we can put a big smile on kids faces and even the ladies that worked there. They were extremely satisfied. Building chairs is one of the challenging things to do, especially if it´s for kids, making the chairs even so that they wouldn´t be wobbly plus the wood wasn’t very smooth so I was scared of getting a splinter but eventually by the end of the day we all made 15 painted chair, which came out so cute. Finally the mural, it was the biggest piece to deal with especially painting four walls in two days with really nice drawings but aside from all the brainstorming and planning what made it better was that everyone put all of their effort and skills, not only to the murals but also to the chairs and the playground.

After cleaning up and taking pictures of our finished products, it was time to get back to the hostel and eat dinner. Then we had an hour break so that we can shower and try to remove the paint that was basically embedded in our skin. Finally we had our nightly meeting where the torch was past down and which you all will find out tomorrow! Haha! Adios y Buenas notches a todos!