We started off our day off waking up extremely early due to the fact that we did not realize that the time on the cellphone was set three hours ahead causing us to wake up at 2:00am instead at 5:00am.  After that early alarm, we attempted to fall back asleep on the couch but between kicking each other in the face and the shrieking bark of the dog next door we came to accept the fact that we were not getting anymore sleep for the rest of night. We then decided to get dressed and mentally prepared for our day as leaders. We knocked on everyone’s doors  and eventually we all headed downstairs for a simple yet satisfying breakfast.

Today’s destination was three hours away, but thanks to DJ Will the music selection helped pass the time away.  Once we arrived to Catalina, a tourist spot that included a beautiful view of Laguna Apoyo, Everyone practiced their Spanish and bargained with the local shop owners, which gave us a sense of accomplishment and greater appreciation for the items we bought.  The tourist attraction entailed handmade and colorful memorabilia, locals playing music and a view that took our breath away.  Truly a unique summer experience amercing ourselves in the culture so enthusiastically, allowing us to experience an aspect of the Nicaraguan culture.


From there we went to Monkey Hut, which most would agree was the highlight of the day.  Our memories made there will always be remembered by the many bruises, sun kissed faces, and shared laughter among both the Matagalpa and Estelí groups. We spent most of our time swimming, jumping, and pushing each other into the warm and sweet water.  Many of us swam out to the platform which came to be  somewhat of a danger zone due to the rocking and sinking of the platform from the weight of all of us Glimpsers.  Also,  an energizing game of ninja putting us on the edge and distracted us from the heat. Since our arrival at Monkey Hut we had an eye on the kayaks, we waited impatiently  for about an hour until our delegation was able to use them. Kayaking was a major struggle. There were five single kayaks and 19 eager glimpsers.  Some of us were successful going two at a time, but then some of us who got too excited and attempted to get up to three or four at a time.  Then there were those in the water flipping the kayaks vexing those who wanted to kayak pros.

The bus ride back was definitely a long one but DJ Will came in clutch once again.  It also gave us the chance to talk about our day and take some much needed naps after our second fun day of our trip. At our nightly meeting we passed the torch to Joshua A.K.A. Kuya JP. He was very modest about sharing his talent with us. Stay tuned for his blog, wait to be as impressed as we were with his lyrical talent.