Hey ya’ll,

It’s Diana and Valeria reporting live from Riobamba, Ecuador. Today our sleep was put to an end at seven am, quite too early if you ask us. Regardless, we headed to Roma Santa where we found some delicious and exotic fruit (star fruit), mashed and fried yuca, and some hard-boiled eggs. From there we started the treacherous journey towards Martiniano Guerrero (where our CAP takes place). We received a warm greeting from the school staff (even the principal was there!!). We were glad to see everyone so enthusiastic about the murals. While some of us scrambled to gather all the supplies, many began to prepare the walls and floors for painting. Starting off was difficult, but soon we got into the flow of things and groups began to form. We had an awesome team repairing the outside walls along with many working on outlining and painting games such as hopscotch and four square. At around one we headed back to our second mother’s house for another extravagant meal. She had put together a plethora of foods ranging from goat meat, white rice, some quinoa thing?, and a very red salad (beets and an unidentifiable lighter red vegetable). Then, reluctantly, we left the comfort of Isabel’s warm and humble abode to continue our work.

Once back at the school we gathered together for a quick snack (OREOS!!!!!!!!!). Eventually, our amazing head artist, Max, outlined ALL three murals (and they look AMAZING, by the way). It was time for a siesta at around five o’clock. You can tell we had been hard at work by our stained limbs and our sluggish pace. Rose and Gina had their leadership meeting  (we are looking forward to seeing them in charge), while the rest of us enjoyed a few minutes of free time. For our last meal, we once again met at Roma Santa and enjoyed some scrumptious pork chops, rice, cheese empanadas, salad, homemade cookies, and freshly squeezed strawberry juice :). Don’t tell anyone, but Michael was unfortunately and totally not on purpose left with Emily (our additional part-time coordinator) at Roma Santa (we suspect they were enjoying extra snacks). As always, we ended the night with a meeting and had the pleasure of handing off the torch to the Rapper Rose and Dove Caller Gina. Now it is time to sign off and relinquish Lider Del Dia powers to the next lucky pair.

Until later, your lovely daughters 😉

Another hopscotch – a universal game:-)

Sketching out the murals!

The outside of the CAP school!

Jax waiting to paint!

Karla and Lencho waiting to paint some hopscotch!

Four Square!

Leaders of the Day – Valeria and Diana!!!