At the Palace of Fine Arts!

…are just a few of the things I’ll miss while in Jinotega, Nicaragua. I know I take them for granted, along with many other people and items I depend on daily, but I’m really looking forward to going without them in the next three weeks and replacing them with new friends and experiences. (I hope to gain a rediscovered appreciation for them too!)

My name is Whitney, and I attend Lowell High in San Francisco. I’m not sure how to write this so that it’s not cliche and boring, but all I’d really like to say is how excited I am for the trip. I hope that my anticipations and expectations of serving the locals, learning culture and tradition, teaching English and meeting new people will all be fulfilled, even in the midst of probable illness, overly warm temperature, homesickness and social discomfort.

I can’t wait to meet my delegate group, and embark on our adventure!


Site of Henry David Thoreau’s house at Walden Pond. Be prepared to see these sunglasses (when it’s not raining)!