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For me I have learned how to delegate work to other people as a leader of the day because I know I can’t do everything without the help of my peers to help support me. For example, today I had to remember all the information of the day, make sure everybody is doing alright, and still have to maintain a certain composure in front of everyone. I know I have heard a lot of people say I have to show more of my confidence in front of people, but I have been always trying to be more active and confident. I would also like to keep trying to be a more open-minded leader.

For my peers, I think they have learned how to be respectful with each other throughout the activities today.  Respectfulness requires action, and I feel like in previous days all of us including myself were messing up with this. However today I know that all of us showed true responsibility through our group meeting tonight and the activities we participated in during the day.  

Something surprising for me today was the people who lived in Colonia Kennedy, a community here in Constanza. I believe they will have a long term impression on me. The family my group visited lived in a small packed house. The husband was sitting in the corner where I couldn’t see him from my side, and the wife was taking care of the baby while answering our questions. Just from their eyes I could see how they struggle for life and how they were hoping for a better one. Meeting them has led me to contemplate what I have complained about in my life, and has allowed me to have greater appreciation for the fortune I have.

It was fun being the leader of the day. It was definitely an awesome opportunity for me to bring out my courage. I hope that I will have more opportunities to practice my leadership skills, maybe at school or my taekwondo school.  I’m planning to get over all the obstacles in the future with my confidence and an attitude.