We started our day with a good breakfast and morning walk through the high altitude. We came back to our lovely hostel to prepare for our Community Action Project(CAP). Through this experience the Glimpsers experienced stress on so many levels, but finally concluded that everyone’s voice needed to be heard. Despite a couple of our Glimpsers not feeling well, we stuck it out as a team to continue to get our community project mapped out. After we got everything in order we got to go out by ourselves to explore Guaranda. We got to site see and buy food from local businesses as well as buy gifts for family and friends.

Anna: “It was really being cool to be out without a leader and It tested my knowledge of finding my way.”

Ruthie: “It was lots of fun getting materials for the community project and greatly memorable making new connections with my new friends.”

Fatima: “I had a great conversation with a local business owner.”

To end our day, we all learned the lesson that being encouraged to finish something will block us from looking at the bigger picture. Either way, our strong beliefs on what it should be took shape. We just needed time to look at what our big picture was going to be. We collaborated, and now we are ready for our community project. Something to accomplish by the end of this trip will be building a fence for the town Llulludungo.