Hello Global Glimpse Friends & Family! I am Rohel Watson and I was the first student leader of the day. Today is Day 4 of our 18 day trip to Constanza, Dominican Republic.

Our main subject of the day was Aid & Development internationally. We learned about how the United States gives out aid to many poor countries, and how it is very useful to bring these places back to a stable state. We also got to meet Scott from Peace Corps. Scott has been a member of Peace Corps for about 8 months to a year now, and his projects mainly concentrate on health. After we met Scott, he showed us Glimpsers around his neighborhood Las Flores. Once we were settled, we gathered at the playground where we met some of the community members of Las Flores and discussed with them how we could work with them to make change in that community.

We were broken up into four groups of three with a GG leader where we asked a plethora of questions about the community and what they specifically wanted to change for the better in that area. The reason why we asked is because on one of the later days of the Constanza trip, we are going to come back and fix one of the physical problems in the community. After our discussion with the community, we were up and ready to bring as much change as possible to the community of Las Flores with their playground.

As one of the first El Lider Del Dia, It felt a little bit weird to adjust to the big role of being a key leader. I am not usually fully confident person but I felt excited for I was doing something new. In addition, I had to ask the other Glimpsers to do the Spanish count off, wake up call, special greetings to the guests, cooks, drivers, and etc. Even though I had little minor slip ups when doing some of these tasks properly, I introduced a new idea to help make the rest of the group more enthusiastic by using an example from my school and having the Glimpsers say a quote from a significant person in history. Out of the list of people/quotes (Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Barack Obama, and Roberto Clemente) the group decided to chant Obama’s Yes We Can quote as loud as they can.

Ultimately what I have learn about myself throughout the day is that it takes me awhile to adjust but when I mess up on something, I am very resilient to bounce back from the small errors.