Today, we woke up really early to prepare ourselves to be awesome leaders of the day. After we woke everyone up in time to get ready for the awesome breakfast of pancakes, we led the group in an energizer which pumped everyone up for the ride to Centro Tambor. Centro Tambor is the community in which we are carrying out our Community Action Project (CAP),  helping the organization Infancia sin fronteras.


Since the community is super hilly we had to carry all of our supplies up SUPER steep hills. Using our great leadership skills we motivated the group to stay positive throughout our project. As the project began, we experienced how it felt to build as a team to renovate a building. There were several projects that everyone was assigned to which was painting a mural, building a wall, installing a ceiling, and installing a door. The intentions of each the assignments is to help brighten the center and make it safer for children in the neighborhood. We worked from 10a.m. to 4p.m. and in that time, the weather went from cloudy to rainy to sunny.

In between that time we took a break and reflected on our work as we ate a sandwich. The experience was very rewarding because it was helping a community create a safer educational center for the kids around the area. And the work we did made the area look more lively. After the project, we took a school bus back to our hostel and we all felt very tired from our hard work, so we ravenously devoured our delicious dinner of tacos. At our nightly meeting, we shared our thoughts and feelings about our experiences today. Big love to our leaders, Silvan and Roxy for picking up our supplies to start our project. Big love to Hiu and Ambar for staying positive, always encouraging us, and helping us. Our experience as leaders was very fun and being in charge of our awesome group. It was our very first experience being in charge of construction work and we are now experts (almost).


We miss and love those who are reading our blog posts and we can’t wait to see you NEXT FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!


KJ and Chasity