Today was a very special day – it was our last reality challenge and we shadowed a Nicaraguan High school student. We had an early 5am wake up so I was surprised to see the rest of my fellow glimpsers just as excited as me. After breakfast, we split into two groups, some going to a public school and others going to a private school. Our challenge was to shadow a student and learn how schooling in Nicaragua compares to our schooling in the U.S as well as how social classes plays a part in the Nicaraguan school system. If you were watching us, you would see glimpsers playing basketball, helping teachers in English classes, or just chatting with the students that they were shadowing. When the school day was over I presented the speaker that welcomed us into their school with the group gift and some kind words.

CIMG8747        CIMG8754

The group then had lunch and was ecstatic to see fried chicken on their plate. We’re all pretty used to the food here at this point but I guess nothing beats fried chicken. Next, we did a quick money exchange with El Diablo and proceeded to free time, where glimpsers were able to go to the supermarket, grab a coffee, or go to the internet cafe. Then, we prepared our lessons for our English classes and had a Leadership meeting. After dinner we taught English for 2 hours which has been a real bright spot for us glimpsers. We all love helping the kids and interacting with the older people. We closed the day with a nightly meeting where I passed the torch to the next leader.