IMG_2966After getting a full nights sleep, the students were ready for a day filled with Nicaragua’s rich history.  After eating a traditional Nicaraguan meal–pico de gallo, the students were ready to hit the streets and explore the city, but not before having an academic seminar that provided a basic history lesson on Nicaragua. Our city walk took us to the central park where we saw many murals that depict Nicaragua’s revolutionary history.  Students were so engaged in the stories each mural told.

The students also had an opportunity to go visit the University where they learned about Nicaragua’s most famous poet Ruben Dario, as well as converse with a Nicaraguan university student.  Next stop was to the Cathedral located in Central Park.  We also got a chance to go to the roof of the Cathedral and were rewarded with an amazing view of the city.

After lunch, we visited the Museo de Revolucion where students were told the stories of the Revolution from a former revolutionary.  They were so attentative and soaking up the information!

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Students also visited Fundacion Ortiz Gurdian, which consist of four houses full of eclectic art–ranging from renaissance to modern to abstract art.  The tour guide did a great job explaining the history behind the art.  It was an incredibly hot day with a lot of walking around in the city, but everyone was such a great trooper.  For their positive attitude, they were rewarded with ice cream after dinner!

“The past actually happened.  History is what someone took the time to write down.”  Brown, A. Witney

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