Me with a snek~

Hello Global Glimpsers!!

I am Anthony (Tony) Tsujisaka and I will be one of your two Global Glimpse Leaders on the Jabaracoa trip JA1C (starting 7-21-19). This is the page where we (the leaders) and our students will be posting daily summaries and pictures of the activities we will be doing.

A little about me: I am adopted to a half-white, half-Japanese family (hence the name). I was born in Daly City and raised in Redwood City. I graduated from Carlmont High School and UCSC with a bachelors in Linguistics (French emphasis) and Education. I’m currently a second-year math and computer science teacher in South San Francisco, where I am the youngest teacher in my school. I got my credential from SFSU in 2017 and I am currently working on my master’s degree in Educational Administration from SFSU. Before our trip, I will be teaching Algebra 2 Accelerated and will be Vice Principal for our summer school program. I absolutely love my job more than anything in the world and working with teenagers to get through high school is what I live to do. Unlike most adults, I did have a very successful and enjoyable high school experience and I am hoping that with understanding and cooperation that I can assist students to achieve that, too. I also LOVE animals, so if you love animals, we will get along perfectly.

Reason I became a Global Glimpse Leader: Throughout my life, I have been so fortunate enough to have the experience of traveling. I first left the country when I was 16 to go live with my exchange student in Biarritz, France for 15 days. This experience opened up more opportunities for me to leave the country. After 10 years, I have had the opportunities to travel to 13 different countries, including Belgium where I lived for 3.5 months and taught English to European students. Traveling has given me such wonderful and eye-opening experiences and I want to spread my experiences and help other students learn what I have through travel.

What I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to experiencing the Dominican Republic for the first time with these students. This is my second trip leading teenagers to a new country for their first time, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I love learning new things and I know that the students, leaders, and myself can all share what we will learn from being in each other’s company on this trip!

I hope to be able to get to know you all a bit before we leave at the end of July and I am SUPER stoked about being your leader this summer! Have a great rest of your Junior year! 🙂

~ Tony T     V(^u^)V