Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, we finished our Community Action Project (CAP)!!

We wouldn’t have been able to complete our project without the help of the community’s kids. They helped us dig the trails of Cerro Marchina (Marchina Hill), paint a mural on their school, fill our waters, and test out the completed trail. Each group worked their hardest today to not only perfect their projects but also to give input to help the other groups. The community of Paritilla is extremely enthusiastic about the project: a group of kids met us at the top only twenty minutes after the trail was created, and an environmental organization called Pro-Eco-Azuero plans on continuing reforestation on this land, beyond the forty trees that we planted. They also plan to create more branches of the trail that our Global Glimpse group has started. The pueblo (town)’s soccer team is going to take a group hike after their next game. The students and teachers at the primary school have shown so much excitement regarding the new compost system in their school. This will put a huge dent in the production of food waste, and provide nutrients for the soil. Izaak Vigil-Sagan is the proud father of our compost system. He played a big role in building the bin, as well as collecting compostable material at lunchtime for all three days.

When we returned, we reflected on our own personal methods of leadership and our own contributions to the CAP project. We’re all ecstatic to sleep in tomorrow for our free day, and also have an opportunity to revisit Nutre Hogar, where we will keep playing with babies, and hopefully give the nannies there a well-deserved break. Tomorrow, we will explore the community of Las Tablas, and we can’t wait to tell you about it!

P.S. Our biggest supporter was Gancho, a local pup who supported us all three days. He was very loyal to our project, hiking up and around Cerro Marchina and on top of our freshly painted signs.

Shoutout to mi Familia y claro, mi perro
(and Isaac, Jill, and Haylee) -Em

Shoutout to my family, the librarians, Stone Soup, Shannon, and my cats- I can’t wait for you to hiss at me when I get home- Other Em

Peace out,