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This day was bittersweet for the Glimpsers as we reminisced about our experiences in our two and a half weeks here at Global Glimpse. We started our morning with a few lively games of Mafia before having our last lunch and packing up our suitcases. Then began the three hour reflection where we talked through everything from the feeling of stepping off the plane in-country all the way up the very last day of shopping in Santo Domingo. We showed our appreciation for one another when we had our last Big Love, and I personally felt inspired to continue the “success of the journey” when everyone shared their “stops” “starts” and “continues,” which was our way of committing ourselves to stop doing something bad, continue doing something good, and start doing something better once we get back home.

In the second half of the day we had a small fiesta with the ambassadors where we played volleyball, soccer, cards, a d took A LOT of pictures. We agreed that there are no real goodbyes- only farewells- and promised to keep on touch. The night ended with a final unity clap where glimpsers and ambassadors came together to chant “Amistad” (or “friendship” for the non-Spanish speakers among us). Although tears were shed and farewells were tough, it was all worth it to share memories that will be carried with us and used to help us be courageous, committed and compassionate leaders, friends, and people. Farewell San Cristobal.