Hello all loved ones, families and friends!!


We are finally writing to you from Esteli, it’s been cool and sunny today and our tired souls have been smiling after their all nighter.

After a long night of flying and stopvers the group made it to the airport safe and sound this morning, after awaiting our two last missing peices of our E1C puzzle (the two summer search students that came on a later flight) we headed to Comedor Marlene for a yummy traditional lunch. With our bellies full we headed to our new home for the next 2 and a half weeks, the majority of the group were fast asleep whilst the others took in all the sights and sounds as we travelled to the capital city up to the mountains of the northern region of Nicaragua.

Once we had settled into our hotel, El Chico and a short hotel orientation the group settled down for yet more food! This time pollo asado and gallo pinto, once dinner was over we started with our nightly meeting were the leader of the day’s duties were passed over to the next leader of the day with a short singing challenge and we discussed our first full day tomorrow, HISTORY DAY!

The group are bonding already and supporting each other but with eyelids heavy everyone is off to bed a little earlier tomorrow, with dreams of discovering more tomorrow and being able to walk around the city on a city tour!

Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow, fun facts and photos!

Good night all, buenas noches

Big love from Henrietta and Beverly your Esteli program coordinators