Hello friends and families!

After a very early start and long day for everyone we are now all settling down for a much needed nights sleep. All of our students are here, safe, and well fed!

After arriving in Jarabacoa and to our hotel we had a few quick meetings to go over some guidelines and expectations for our time here, had a great local dinner, then met for our first nightly meeting! I can already tell that friendships are forming and everyone is getting more comfortable in this new place with their new family (temporarily! No one could possibly replace all the hard work you’ve put into raising these exceptional young men and women!).

Today was a logistical day; the point of which was to just get to point A to B safely. Mission accomplished! Tomorrow is when our trip will actually begin and we will start learning about our new home in the DR.

The best is yet to come!

Buenos noches,

Jack Padalino – GGL