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The Power of Minga, Community Gathering, in Ecuador

Glimpsers and members of the Guaranda community proudly unveil their newly painted school that truly reflects the vibrancy of Ecuadorian culture. In partnership with local organizations and leaders, students gained a stronger sense of social responsibility and are equipped to better understand the complexities of service projects in a developing country. ... READ MORE

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cheers to an amazing trip !!

Hey my name is Bryan! I’m a rising senior at El Cerrito High School and I can’t wait to meet everyone. I love video games, comics and music! My favorite artists are blackbear, lil peep, kiara and doja cat! (I’m a huge meme person too!!) READ MORE

Elena Bock

Hey guys! My name is Elena Bock and I am an incoming senior at Davis Senior High School in Davis, California. I wasn’t able to make it to the picnic but I really look forward to meeting all of you at the airport tomorrow! I’m super excited to learn more about Ecuador’s culture and maybe pick up some Spanish (I barely speak any... READ MORE

SJ2B Return Trip Information

Hello Family and Friends of SJ2B Glimpsers, We know you’re excited to see your Glimpsers after these two weeks, so below is the flight information and reminders for when and where to pick them up from the airport. Students will arrive at SFO airport at 12:48 AM (midnight between Monday 7/16 and Tuesday 7/17) on Tuesday 7/17 on... READ MORE

Hey guysss!

Hey everyone! My name is Reyhaneh, but I go by Rey because its 100x easier to say 🙂 and I’m going to be a senior at Mountain View High School. I play volleyball and I love traveling!! I am super excited to meet everyone, see you all Monday! READ MORE

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