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The Power of Minga, Community Gathering, in Ecuador

Glimpsers and members of the Guaranda community proudly unveil their newly painted school that truly reflects the vibrancy of Ecuadorian culture. In partnership with local organizations and leaders, students gained a stronger sense of social responsibility and are equipped to better understand the complexities of service projects in a developing country. ... READ MORE

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Trabaja Duro, Juega Duro

As the rooster crowed at 7:00 am in downtown Riobamba, Hotel Mashany transformed into “Fort Knocks” as we (Claire and Sydney) pounded on each Glimpser’s door for a very efficient wake-up. Although we were met by many groggy faces and not so pleasant remarks, everyone’s mood was brightened by the time we were served fresh fruit and pan tostado at... READ MORE

hey guys!

My favorite past times are probably watching sunsets and eating insane amounts of food. Im a senior at Vintage High School this year and am super excited to go on this awesome trip with everyone and hopefully make some pretty sweet memories. READ MORE

Day 8 Global Business Day

We started this wonderful day with a beautiful wakeup call at 6:45 AM. After, everyone gathered downstairs and did our daily headcount and wellness check. Ryan and I then split up into partners which enabled people to connect with different sets of people.- Peter. We had partners link arms to make sure we stayed connected as a family. The journey... READ MORE

We survived Chimborazo, how about you?

Bienvenidos a todos, it’s your Leaders of the Day Alvin and Sabrina. We are excited to tell you about our extremely adventurous day. Like the past three days, we woke up bright and early to attend English tutoring at Adolfo Kolping. Because today was the fourth day of tutoring, and because it was a sunny morning, many of us took our students... READ MORE

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