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Today, we traveled to Chimborazo, Ecuador’s highest mountain, and the “Magical Forest,” where we hiked in 30 mph winds. It was a great experience, especially because we got to celebrate the birthday of one of our fellow glimpsers, Emanuel Morales. At Chimborazo, we didn’t go to the top, because of the extreme altitude change, however we did reach the 4,000 meter+ checkpoint AND took pictures.

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Even though the hike was a challenge, we are really proud of everyone for pushing through their fears. Many of our friends expressed that “this was the best day ever,” because it was something new for all of us, and not many people get to climb mountains on their birthday. After our hike, the crew headed to Palacio Real, where we befriended our alpaca buddy, Sophie. All of us took “selfies” with the Andean mammal, and had a great time with her.

As for being Los Liders Del Dia, we were both excited about the day overall, since we know how to make things fun. We prepared for this day, because we knew it would be a challenging but memorable day. We were both surprised about the fact that everyone in the group hiked with us the whole day, even though some were hesitant in the beginning, because of slight headaches or fears.

Shout outs:

Hola Papa! Te llame hoy pero no me contestaste 🙁 Pero no estoy enojado hahahaha. te amo  y no puedo esperar hasta que te ensene que compre! Mom, te amo y te extrano muuuuuucho! los veo en unas pocos dias! (:


Nevermind about the phone dad. Happy Father’s day. – Jay

Happy Father’s day, porque no contestan el telefono?! – Christian

Alles gut zum Vatertag und liebe gruesse aus Ecuador!!  Ich hoffe dein tag war schoen und entspannend! <3 – Marlene

Hey mom it was super nice talking to you and everyone! The phone call made me miss you guys. Today was so fun, I got to pet an alpaca and I took so many pictures with it. Love and miss you all!!! -Licette

Feliz Dia De los padres! I love you so much, daddy! (: Mom & Zander: I’ll call you tomorrow (and someone tell Mr. Wang I said congrats on the wedding!) -Laynie

Hey friends, and family, today I went to Chimborazo which was between 15,000 and 16,000 ft!! We also took an amazing hike! I’ll show you pics! -Abbie