Families and friends,

Today was the last full day in beautiful Riobamba, Ecuador. We started off breakfast with some delicious pancakes and hard-boiled eggs. There was also some sweet papaya and pineapples. After our stomachs were full, we took a group photo with Mama Isabel. Then, we took a short walk back to the hotel to watch two documentaries: one about the last ice merchant of Ecuador and the other about Ecuador’s natural beauty. Later that afternoon, we finished our letters of appreciation to our donors. For lunch, we had potato fries, fried plantains, fried tilapia, mango salad, and some refreshing coconut juice. Following lunch, we were able to explore the city with our friends for the last time. Some people went to Plaza Roja to get some last-minute souvenirs, and others went to various food places (Café Paris, Crepes and Company, and a burger place).

After our free time was over, we attended our last day at English tutoring. We played some games with the kids during our break time, and we taught our final lessons. We said our goodbyes to our students and headed off to our eventful and last dinner at Roma Santa. To begin our excitement, Mama Isabel prepared a mystery meal for some adventurous volunteers. These brave people’s names are Naomi, Ben, Skyler, David, Ms. Oji, Victor, Alyssa, Jeremy, and Ms. Rodriguez (sort of). They were all instantly surprised when they saw what was coming. The mystery meal turned out to be live, wiggly maggots. Everyone was shocked but also excited to see them eat the maggots. Following that mystery meal, dinner consisted of plantain cheeseballs and chicken noodle soup with some coffee and tea. Later that night, we had a spontaneous karaoke night that ended with mixed emotions. Nelson, Mama Isabel’s son, was surprised with a soccer ball signed by all the Glimpsers and a Warriors long sleeved shirt. He was overblown with emotions over our final goodbyes and all of us were sad.

We ended our night with our usual nightly meeting and the passing of the torch. Delila and Sela did a duo talent, which was a blindfold makeup challenge. We wish them good luck on their term of being the last leaders of our adventure!

Big love,

Nancy N. and Naomi N.


For the past 15 days, the entire delegation has enjoyed heated games of super speed, taught by the master Naomi, who has been undefeated numerous times. People tried to dethrone her during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and free time. No one has been successful until TONIGHT! Mrs. Oji finally beat Naomi in an epic battle. The whole delegation was shocked to their core. Mrs. Oji ran through the hotel screaming with joy and the whole delegation celebrated.