IMAG0348IMAG0336Today was our first free day on this fantastic Global Glimpse trip in Esteli, Nicaragua. Today we were trusted to explore the city with the help of our Global Glimpse leaders. The purpose of this free day was to have fun and relax us from all the previous laborious days. That is exactly what happened today. Unlike all the other days, today we were allowed to sleep in a bit more and we woke up at 8:30 AM. We were broken up into two groups and we were each allowed to decide what activities we wanted to do. It felt good to be trusted to explore a foreign city on our own.

As leader of the day, it was pretty easy to decide what activities my group should do. As leader I took everyone’s ideas into account when decisions were made. I listened to what the other people in my groups wanted to do as opposed to being selfish and doing what I wanted to do just because I was leader of the day. Being leader of the free-day taught me that decisions should be made based upon the best interest of the group instead of making them based solely on a leader’s desires. A leader must make decisions that’ll benefit the chemistry of the group and decisions that’ll benefit the group the most.