Today we woke up at 8am and had a delicious breakfast which consisted of eggs, guava juice, empanadas, and fruit with granola. After breakfast, we discussed what we wanted to do for our free time in the morning and decided that we all wanted to go to Plaza Roja. Then, we split into groups and took taxis into the city.

At Plaza Roja we looked around for souvenirs and people bought beautiful blankets, scarves, jackets, and cute bracelets and llama stuffed animals. After shopping, some of us went to the internet cafe, while others went to get some coffee from Cafe Paris. The first internet cafe we found was closed on Sunday, so we had to find another one. It was so quiet and calm in the city today becuase it was Sunday and there were hardly any people out. Once we found an open internet cafe, students were emailing their parents and sending messages home. Then, we went to a delicious crepe restaurant and got ice cream filled crepes!

The other group that went to get coffee came back and met us in Plaza Roja. We took taxis back to our hotel for lunch at 12:15 and ate yummy soup, chicken, rice, and salad, with jello for dessert. After lunch, some people decided to stay back at the hotel to play games, while others went back to Plaza Roja to do more shopping, get crepes (if they didn’t that morning), buy cholas, and explore the stores at the train station.

While at the train station, we met Maria who told us about how people don’t have to worry about getting sick while hiking Chimborazo because if you take sugar cane, it gives you energy. Then, you ask permission from the mountain to go further on in the hike, because it is technically alive and has a soul. This is a sacred ritual that many people from the region believe. She said that if your request from the mountain comes from deep in the heart, you will have the energy. We loved hearing her story and understand the importance of visiting Chimborazo now.

Around 4pm, the group in the city came back and started playing Uno with the rest of the group. After hanging out and resting for a few hours, we ate dinner, then had our nightly meeting, and then had down time again. We can’t wait go to the Carlos Garbay farm tomorrow and hopefully milk a cow!