Hello, everyone, today was our first free day. People did their laundry and had the chance to call their parents. People were able to explore the streets of Chitre, Panama. Unfortunately, not everyone got the chance to speak with their loved ones and made people feel emotional. For the students who didn’t get a chance will have a chance sometime tomorrow.

For our second straight day, people were teaching the kids at Colegio Jose Daniel Crespo. We had to dress in business attire and make lesson plans for the students. Everyone had a great time and have enjoyed teaching English to the students.

Even though tomorrow will be a more challenging day than today, everyone had a great time and appreciated the time off. Since everyone had a free day more people started to speak to others they haven’t spoken to before and made the group even stronger.

I greatly appreciated all the love and support I’ve received. This eased the pressure I was feeling and made this day very special to me.