Today we started learning about Nicaragua’s history through an academic seminar led by Susan and Gen.  Glimpsers took an active role by working together in small groups.  Each group was asked to place historical events in a chronological order.  They did an awesome job doing so!

Next we all walked the city visiting places such as the University – Unan Jinotega, Mayor’s office, a former Nicaraguan Vice President’s house, the central park of Jinotega – Blanca park, the business and commercial areas as well as social and religious buildings.  We saw many “tiendas” or shops, which are really the equivalent of our versions of strip malls but in a much smaller scale in terms of selection of goods and services they provide.

We finished our city tour by visiting 2 locals who are very involved in the socio-economic development of Jinotega, and the country as a whole.  The students were inspired by the works of these native leaders, and the struggles they have endured in helping move the country forward.

After another wonderful dinner of  enchaladas and cole slaw, we were treated to a musical seranade and dance by the restaurant owner’s youngest daughter.

dancing girl