Hi Everyone,

Today has been an awesome day full of travel, meeting friendly people, and learning a little about Ecuadorian food and culture. We woke up in Quito this morning and had a great breakfast before gathering our things and getting on the bus to Riobamba. The bus ride gave us a chance to catch up on some sleep and see the beautiful countryside.

After our 4 hour ride to Riobamba, we arrived at the Hotel Primavera, where we’ll be staying for the next two weeks. The hotel is beautiful and has lots of outdoor green space for playing games and viewing the stars at night. Some Glimpsers have already played a few games of soccer on the futbol field. When we arrived we checked into our rooms and then had a delicious lunch prepared and served by the staff here at Primavera: chicken, fries, and salad or a vegetable medley with fries and salad for the vegetarians.

After doing an energizer to wake us up after the bus ride and lunch, we had our first seminar where we got to learn all about our daily activities here in Riobamba and go over the roles and responsibilities of each Global Glimpse Staff member and the LDD (Lider Del Dia). We’re excited to have Adrian be our first LDD tomorrow!

Next, we were incredibly lucky to learn some traditional Ecuadorian dances. Everyone had such a great time learning the dances and trying on the traditional clothing. It was especially fun to see everyone laughing and smiling together as we all tried some pretty challenging new moves.


After dancing we had another delicious meal (this time it was soup, rice, beans, plantains, and thinly sliced steak or salad) and then had our first nightly meeting! A huge thanks to Paco, Jonathan, and Emily for organizing a great first day in Ecuador for us. We can’t wait to go explore the city tomorrow!