Our first meetings at Emily’s Hostel.

At the airport.

Today was the first day of staying at Emily’s Hostel and we met the owners as well as the the program coordinators, Kimberly and Nacho. What’s very interesting about Emily’s Hostel is that it is actually owned by the sweetest little girl named Emily and this was very surprising as well as interesting because we would have never guessed that this hoste is owned by this little girl. We were also introduce to Emily’s family that also run this place and it was very nice and welcoming to be able to meet the wonderful people that are letting us stay at this place. The weather in Nicaragua is very hot and humid especially today since it rained. At the hostile we were assigned rooms along with roommates. This gives the glimpsers an opportunity to get to know each other better and appreciate their surroundings. After settling in, we had a seminar where Kimberley and Rafael, the program coordinators, discussed the expectations in this hostile and the things we would be doing in the upcoming days. We then had a free time where all the students were very happy about. We used this free time to play games and ask each other questions. This was very productive as well as fun because it made the students branch themselves out to new people and be more open even though they just met. After about 45 minutes of free time, we went out to eat dinner not too far from the hostile and the food was very delicious. It was something new for everyone. The first day of our two week stay was an accomplishment not only because we got to do all of these things but because we did it as a whole and we got to experience another environment within the country which was very nice. Tomorrow will be another big day of work, but if we were all able to help out with something today, I have no doubt that we’ll do the same thing the ┬ánext day and the rest of the days after that. Here concludes today’s blog so stay tuned for tomorrow.