IMG_2261IMG_2264On this day, July 7th, 2016 in Jinotega, our delegation had our first free day.  We got to explore the city with the free time given to us.  On that note with free time comes great responsibility for the group to be accountable, safe, and communicative to make this a successful day to have fun.  In smaller groups we visited cyber cafes like Cyber Zone or Llamadas Heradas to call our loved ones back home to tell about our great experiences on this trip so far.  Also, we went to Soppexas, a recommended place to try some of-in my opinion-the best organic coffee and chocolate I’ve ever had.  I believe the food sold at this coffee shop is worth stooping by to try because they cappuccino I have was the bomb, and I would gladly try the rest of their coffee.  Another thing to add would be that I seen people in our group try and become enthused with the taste of strawberry cheesecake and cookies sold there. Some of us went to other approved food shops in town and to the souvenir shop next to our hostel.  In the souvenir shop, folkloric colors filled the room, hammocks hung on the ceilings, and different blouses bordered the entrance.  It was the perfect place to search for souvenirs!  They had bracelets, bags, shirts, black ceramics, wooden décor, sandals, colorful bird whistles, Nicaraguan home décor, key chains, and so much more.  I’m positive we all were thinking “where to look first?”  Another thing we all did today was explore the vibrant flea market filled with stands for food, clothes, and accessories  of different varieties.   Overall, today we finally explored, shopped, and satisfied some of our food cravings here in the City of Mists and made memories together I’m sure we will never forget.