My name is Zaria Stanton and I attend school in Oakland, CA. Today, I was leader of the day for our second free day of the trip and our last full day in Chitré. Being surrounded by the people here on this trip, both in this city and the Glimpsers, has opened my eyes to a whole new perspective of this world. It has been really eye opening to see other people such as the Glimpsers be so interested in helping a community in need. Even thought today is our free day, we have been finishing the last things for the CAP project such as finishing up English posters for the kids and going out to buy books and balls for them. We also stopped by a street vendor we met earlier on the trip to take a picture with him.

Today’s question of the day was “What have you learned from your time here?”. This question ties in a lot to the CAP project and being leader of the day. This trip has not only taught me the importance of helping a community in need but also the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone to do so. Today being our free day, no one had to help with the last things that needed to be done for the CAP project. However, because we all understood the importance of giving back, a lot of us helped with contributing to the posters and the purchasing of items on our free day.

Tomorrow we will be leaving Chitré Panamá. We are headed to Panamá City and will be staying the night at Casa Mona Lisa. We will be leaving early Tuesday morning and will arrive at San Francisco Airport at 8:40pm on United Flight #2264. Please don’t forget to pick us up!