Today was our last day at the CAP (Community Action Project)  project. We arrived at San Juan Senior Home in the morning to finish up our projects. We divided ourselves into groups to continue our work. The garden group successfully finished their projects by adding beautiful shelves with plants on the wall. The art group created 5 evocative murals to make the environment more colorful. The stationary bike group finished painting the wooden platform that stabilized the bike. At night we went to Lina’s Mexican restaurant for dinner and to celebrate Memo’s early birthday. Our bus driver, Don Fernando, gave us a speech thanking us for trusting him to be our driver and apologized for how narrow the bus was, but he mentioned his heart was big enough to fit all of us in it. The food was amazing, and everyone had fun!

The biggest highlights of the day were how everyone was so productive and committed to their projects. We were surprised how every group finished their projects in just 3 days. We realized every group had teamwork, communication, and commitment. During the projects, the garden group finished their project early and volunteered to help out the art group. At the end, all groups managed to complete their projects, and it turned out better than we expected.

Our biggest take away as a líderes del día was how leaders are defined by courage, compassion, and commitment. By expressing the definitions of the 3 Cs, we knew the expectation that turn an individual into a leader. Being the leader can be hard and nerve- racking, but it is a learning experience. We learned the importance of teamwork because the process of the CAP project would be a lot more challenging without anyone’s help. We are really thankful for the Glimpsers and Leaders for this amazing opportunity.