Hey GG Family.

Starting off our last full day, we woke everyone up at the usual time 7:30 (actually 7:20 because we had to be on time), and we were ready to leave around 7:50 for breakfast at Roma Santa. There we ate grapes, “sunny side up” eggs, and bread. From Roma Santa, we went to the German Abdo Touma school to finish the last day of our CAP project (L). When we arrived at the school, we were surprised with a ceremony and thank you from the principals and students of the school. A few of us also spoke in front of the school to thank the principal and students for welcoming us into their school to provide genuine help, not just charity. They offered each of us a sweet type of bread and a celebratory drink, and a little gift for each of us.

After the ceremony, we powered through heat and the longest hours of any CAP day to finish painting the lines of the soccer field volleyball court, and basketball court, the mural, snail hopscotch, and other games for kids (we also bought soccer balls, basketballs, and an air pump). We finished off our last CAP day with a picture on the soccer field and all our names signed on the wall of the mural.





Around 2:00 we headed to Roma Santa for lunch. We had lentils, tomato salad, chicken, rice, and chocolate cupcakes (which everyone had seconds of). To stay on schedule, we head back to the hotel where we started English tutoring prep for 20 minutes. After, we finished the final drafts of the letters of appreciation that we wrote to our supporters. Next in our schedule, we had a final CAP debrief about our hard work and determination that we put in to make the kids happy.

Around 6:00 we gathered in the lobby to leave to go to the school at Maldonado. We had our last English tutoring session until 7:30, when we left for dinner. At Roma Santa we had white rice, fish, plantains, and chicken. We sang karaoke songs, and befofe we left Nelson showed us a montage of the best moments of the trip and some of us even cried. Back at the hotel for our nightly meeting, we gave a summary of the day, shared roses and thorns, gave plusses and wishes, and many big loves. We all revealed our secret friends to each other, and some of us bought Paul’s book! Before the meeting each of us shared something about what we gained or were thankful for having from being on this trip. We doubt any of us will leave this trip the way we came on, and although some of us are excited to go back home, none of us are excited to leave each other.

Night and see you soon,

Vishay and Kamau