This day started like no other. After waking up at 8:00 a.m. and eating breakfast, we went back to our rooms to pack. Next we had a three hour seminiar in which we reflected on our last 15 days in Bonao. We had heart felt conversations about the challenges, the realizations and overall impact of the trip. Next, we had lunch, catered by our lovely cook Licelot. We had salad, rice, beans and pork. It was delicious.

After having Lisa’s yummy food, we started to pack to get ready to go back home. After, we as a community, cleaned up the accommodation for the next glimpsers. Some people were able to leave the accommodations to buy last minute gifts or souvenirs for their family back home. Next we had our last nightly meeting, sadly to say. We then boarded the bus and traveled to Freddy’s Empanadas. We had a great time dancing and eating empanadas. The Global Glimpse Ambassadors gifted us all bracelets as a way to remember our time here.

After our delicious empanadas and everybody dancing bachata in the middle of the restaurant, we all walked to the center park to take our final group photo with the ambassadors. There must have been a dozen cameras snapping photos and some children from the park joined in. It was basically a photo shoot. To our surprise, when we finished we noticed that a party bus pulled up to the street. The group realized that, that party bus was for us! We were all so excited to have a good time with each other and the ambassadors for the last time. I can honestly say the party bus was the perfect way to end our last day here and we all had so much fun. Finally, when we got to the accommodations the goodbyes began. This was the worst part, having to say goodbye to the ambassadors. It was one of the most emotional moments of this trip and the majority of the Glimpsers were crying. None of us wanted to go to bed until they left. Overall, this whole day was filled with love and happiness and I can honestly say that this was one of the best times of the entire 15 days