Free day

Hey parents and friends. Today was our first free day that all of us glimpsers have really been waiting for. We’ve been really busy visiting places and learning about Nicaragua, so we kinda needed a break. Our GG leaders were suppose to be with us on our free day at all times which would limit our possible destinations.

20150527_175828 Yet luckily, that didn’t have to happen. Our awesome PC, Fran, was able to get the leader of global glimpse to let us go out alone in groups of four. We love Fran!! Our day started at 8 am which was awesome because we’ve been waking up at 7am or earlier since we got here. We got our breakfast at 9am which consisted of  gallo pinto again! I think most of us are getting a little tired of it. After breakfast our free day had officially kicked off. Me and my group hit the streets of Esteli and walked to the mall which was a bit disappointing since it didn’t have much to offer. We then had to rush back to make it to lunch by 1 or else we would get in trouble. Once done eating lunch my group headed out to the streets again in which we got pizza and called our parents. After our phone calls we had to make it to our second deadline of 3:45 to reach the hostel. We then prepared for our English tutoring and at about 4:50 we left to teach our class of students determined to learn English. Tutoring was again fun as usual since Nicaraguan people are really nice and funny. They make tutoring go by really fast and before we knew it, we had to go get our dinner at buffet Esteli. Today was a chill day and a much needed one.  We hope the next one is similar or even better.20150319_115202

Now there was a question of the day which was, “What did you learn about yourself in the first week of Nicaragua? What are your goals for the upcoming week?”. What I learned is that I am actually really dependent of my parents. I think that I am the most home sick out of the group. I was really happy to talk to them today, it felt like years since last time we talked. Moving on from this week my goal is to not be too shy and to put my voice out there since I’m usually timid and don’t participate much. Thanks for taking your time to read my blog. Hope you guys liked it!!