Rest and be thankful. –William Wordsworth

Greetings from your leaders of the day, Fiona and Rajanae. Today G squared had our second and final free day of the trip. Our wake up time was at 8:00 am. We had to wake up at 7:30 to get ourselves ready before waking up the rest of the glimpsers. For breakfast, we had grilled sandwiches with oatmeal for breakfast at 9:00. After that we had free time until Lunch, which was at 12:30. During this first session of free time, a group of glimpsers walked to the salon and the barber shop to get their hair straightened or cut. This group was the marketing group for our CAP (Community Service Project). So, after the salon, they went to the internet café to create flyers for the store that we’re creating. They look great! We are all very excited. Besides this group, the rest of the glimpsers stayed at the hostel, relaxed, read, and tanned in the steaming hot sun for about five minutes before we were in a puddle of sweat.

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Time for some friendly competition….

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Jayvann & Claire at the basketball court!

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Great game boys!

Today we finally got to call home again! We love hearing the voices of our families as we are all feeling a little homesick. As the leaders, we had to manage the sign up sheet for the calls and had to time them. It was sometimes frustrating to make sure everyone speaks to their parents and keeping track of how many times people used the phone and how long they’ve been on it. However, the important part is that we all got to speak to our parents and get reminded of the sweet comfort of home for a little while.

For lunch we had the usual rice and beans with fried chicken, salad and juice. Then we had another long session of free time until dinner at 7:00. During this time, almost all of the glimpsers went out to get ice cream, buy food at the grocery store, buy souvenirs, and get the materials we need to make the products that we are going to sell in our store for CAP. This included paint, for re-modeling and painting a mural and key rings to make key chains. Cory, unfortunately had heavy back pains and had to rest at the hostel all day. She was greatly missed during our outings.

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More ice cream at Bon!

For dinner we had mashed potatoes, cheese, and watermelon. Then we had our nightly meeting where we summarized the day, discussed our thorns and roses of the day, gave pluses and wishes to the group and us leaders, and finally, passed the torch on to the next leader for tomorrow, Katie.

Buenas Noches!

Love, Fiona and Rajanae