Today we had our first real look at the city we’ll call home for this trip.  On our tour of the city we saw historic churches, a beautiful cultural center, and a museum.  I was glad to hear all of the questions our students had about indigenous Nicaraguan customs and culture when they saw artifacts in the museum.  They were curious and interested in what they saw, and they walked away understanding more about these wonderful people.

Today’s food was a definite highlight.  All three meals were fantastic, but the chicken we had at lunch was the clear favorite.  Dwayne swears he will obtain the recipe, but we’ll see if he can find the words!  We all got to enjoy some delicious ice cream, a well as discuss Nicaragua’s complex post-independence history.  We had our first rain shower, which is a great reminder for us to pack our rain gear every day.  It’s just the second day here, and we’ve already experienced so much, I’m looking forward to our day of culture tomorrow!