imageHello everyone! My name is Andrew Toledo, and I just finished my last day of my junior year at Pittsburg High School today in the lovely town of Pittsburg, Ca. Cycling, Music, track and field, and the occasional argument are my passions, and I absolutely cannot wait to land in the Dominican Republic! I’ve travelled quite a bit with my family over the years, and I’m always super excited to learn local customs, eat new foods, and meet new people, and the idea that I get to do all of these things while also helping the people of such a beautiful country is  just a little too much to handle for me at the moment. I am a little worried because I’ve only a basic understanding of Spanish, but hopefully the youth coordinators and others  can help me break through the language barrier so I may really make a lasting impact in Constanza

Flight leaves tomorrow! So until next time, ¡adios!