If you haven’t done so already, today should be bag packing day.  Then, if needed, tomorrow you can make any last minute adjustments.  Make sure you have your packing list handy to be sure you pack the essentials and to avoid bringing too much or items you won’t use.  There will be one day that will be a “swim” or wet day, so don’t forget to bring your swim suit or clothes that you can get wet in.

Here’s a packing tip from some fellow travelers:

Gather your clothes (tops and bottoms) and mix and match to figure out how many combinations you can make for 7 days of outfits, and write these down.  Since we will be doing laundry at least twice during the trip, this will be all the “daily” clothes you’ll need.  Additionally, you’ll need your school uniform, sleeping/hostel only clothes, and one nice outfit for going out.  Using this technique will help you not over-pack, and have room for your trinkets and pictures.

So get packing!