To start our day off we began with the wake-up call at 7:00 to get ready and be prepared for breakfast at 8:00. During breakfast we were talking and eating in preparation for the long day ahead of us. When we arrived at the work site we split into 5 different groups to concur the interior paint job, we were able to knock it out in around 4 hours. From all the work that was given to us we were able to complete every task and learned how to do it correctly. The community that was there truly lived up to their reputation as more than just working farmers, but people who always put every ounce of love and compassion into the work they really enjoy doing because they want to see a better future that will last multiple lifetimes. Just contributing to a fraction of the amount of work that the community tirelessly advocated for made the work seem more exciting for all of us Glimpsers.

During this time the Country Director, Carina Dengler, accompanied us. She kept the energy and positivity going strong throughout the day so that we could get the work done. The most important result that came from Carina’s 7 years of doing work with this community was that she was there to inform the others of all the ideas that we had in mind from the beginning so that they could continue the project as planned.

Today, as the leaders, we were proud that our different skills allowed for the group to be able to connect and work as one. This trip has been a wild ride; we have all learned how to work with each other even during our off days, exhaustion, and personal challenges. The part that really made our day as leaders was that we witnessed the power of teamwork as it brought us together, stronger than we could ever imagine. Today leadership taught us that with every different obstacle that comes ahead of us we can always find a way to work as a familia.

Our experience today made us realize that we were making someone’s dream not only a reality but an accomplishment. We know that all the hard work we put into this project was not only for the benefit of the community but for us to feel like we may have helped greater cause for a healthy environment. As we come to an end of this journey, the lessons and skills that we have learned and developed will make us stronger individuals.