Hey, my name is Pamela. I am from Pittsburg High School, obviously the one in California. I love volunteering at different events and places, such as my local soup kitchen Loaves and Fishes. I am in the Puente Program at my high school and in my schools leadership’s class. I also have participated in Skills USA, which is a competition for designing websites. Last summer I did a leadership program called CORO, which introduced me to the world of business and networking. It was long and stressful, but a great experience. I love Netflix, swimming, biking, pugs,herbal tea and going on tumblr. The reason I joined Global Glimpse was to visit my mother and father’s country of origin. I have never visited their home, and I am excited to walk on the same land as they walked on years ago. I want to experience similar experiences and connect with my heritage. I am excited to meet you all, and I hope we will make memories that will last a lifetime. (yes, I know that sounded super corny, but it’s true) See you at the airport in a few days!

you can follow me on insta if you want: mamagoose16