Hello Everyone,

The best for last; it’s Rebekah here! Sadly, today was our last day in Las Tablas and we started off with our last breakfast at 7:30 and check-out at 8. From there we said our thank yous and our last goodbyes to the hotel workers, the other delegation, and our sweet nurse Lydia. Next, we were on the road which felt like it was forever, but we went to the Panama Canal and went to the museum and took a lot of pictures. We even saw a huge boat move through the canal which was pretty cool. After the Canal, we went to check in to the hostel in Panama City and, from there, everyone split up to go take a walk along the boardwalk while I stayed back since my tummy hurt. I’m all good now, I took a nap and then we had some bomb pasta and yummy juice for our last dinner together.

Tonight was our last nightly meeting/seminar together and we did a bunch of big loves which we had a piece of paper and everyone wrote something they enjoyed about you while being on this trip. Compassion, Strength, and Love were spread throughout every conversation and each seminar we had. We all had an amazing time and learned a lot to our selves but we are so ready to go home to our family and friends and our beds. Parents get ready to hear a lot of stories and memories that touched your children’s kind hearts. This was a super great opportunity to be a part of and use all our leadership skills to come together as a whole group. To all my future Glimpsers, make this trip worth it for yourself and trust the process.

Thank you for these memorable 16 days that I’ll never forget.

I wanna give a shoutout to all my family and friends that love and supported me along the way to make this trip possible. I miss you all so much. Also to my mom for teaching me how to be a good loving person with respect and to not take the things I have for granted and life is truly beautiful. I love you and I’ll see you all soon.